My life, my illnesses, and my victories

UPDATE: My posts on politics and other matters are in the process of being moved to a different blog site.  More info to come.

I’m a divorced father of 3 (2 girls and a boy). I’m single now as a direct result of my battles with anxiety and depression.
After suffering a “nervous breakdown” in 2015, I dropped out of sight from most of my friends for a year.  It was at this point that I started to write.  Originally, it was just for me, but, eventually, I knew people had to know where I had been, why I had been so absent.
The problem was, I couldn’t tell them.  Speaking about my struggles brought about heightened emotions and caused my anxiety to spike. So, instead, I chose to tell them through my blog.  I could share my story and save myself the anxiety of saying it directly to people and dealing with my emotions bubbling to the surface and stunting my ability to tell the whole story.
My first post got a lot of attention, and a lot of positive feedback, and it helped me to feel a little better.  But that wasn’t all.  Suddenly, people I didn’t know were telling me that it had helped them understand someone in their lives, or another might tell me that they used it to show how they felt.  Most of all, I thought about the stigma that surrounds mental health and knew that, by speaking openly about it, I could perhaps reduce some of that stigma.

I don’t write every week, and can sometimes go a while without writing, because I don’t force myself to write.  I want my blog to be reflective of the natural flow of my emotions.  I want it to be honest.

I hope you find something in my blog that helps you or interests you and that, perhaps, sheds some light on illnesses of which we, as a people and society, are still so needlessly ashamed.

Thank you,



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