There’s a loneliness that’s hard to ignore,
So deep that it cuts a valley through your soul,
A pain that engulfs you completely,
Brought to bear by the loss of only one.


There’s a loneliness that pervades your life,
That makes you stop over and over,
To ruminate, to think, to weep
Over that one love that you’ve lost.


There’s a loneliness that won’t let go,
That pulls you deep within yourself,
That shuts out light and happiness,
That leaves you crying in the dark.


There’s a loneliness that is all you know,
A hurt and torment that’s just for you,
A slice of exquisite pain no one else can feel,
That pushes you to the dark corners of life.


There’s a loneliness that seems never-ending,
That you wake to every day,
That you carry with you whatever you do,
Hiding behind a parade of smiles.

So much loneliness


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